Next Week's Recital

In next week's recital soprano Elizabeth Karani and pianist Ella O'Neill will perform Richard Barnard's new work "The Song Cycle I Am Going to Sing". Watch the trailer below!

The recital is in Saint Stephen's Church in Bristol and starts at 1.10pm. Ian McMillan, who wrote the words, will be introducing the new work. Entry is free, you don't need a ticket!

Bristol Song Recital Series    

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The Bristol Song Recital Series Lunchtime Concerts in St Stephen's in the heart of the City of Bristol.

Bristol Song Recital Series brings sung music of the highest quality to Bristol and its surrounding areas. 

Our main focus is our lunchtime concerts, which take place in St Stephen's Church during the spring and summer, on alternate months. But on top of that we also run evening events, education experiences and more. 

All the singers who have performed in the Series have Bristol connetions, and have performed a wide range of songs, arias and pieces - from medieval plainsong to new works by local and not-so-local composers.  

The Song cycle I am going to Sing...

Our July series of lunchtime concerts is shaping up to be a classic, and one of the highlights will be the second ever performance of a new song cycle by Bristol composer Richard Barnard and BBC Radio 3 presenter/poet Ian McMillan. It will be sung by Elizabeth Karani with Ella O'Neill at the piano. 

This is the second time that Richard Barnard and Ian McMillan have teamed up - the first was for Early Stroll Songs, a sparkling voice-and-guitar cycle which was commissioned and premiered by Martin Le Poidevin (who is singing for us on 11th July).

The new song cycle is called - in a typically elliptical Ian McMillan manner - "The Song Cycle I am going to Sing". It's about a soprano who is about to sing a song cycle by the composer Rüf, and the distractions she meets on the way. It's going to be a sparkling event, backed up by a selection of songs to bring joy and happiness to your Wednesday lunchtime.

Emerging soloists concert

As part of our series of concerts next September, we're hosting a concert for new soloists - those who've been singing in choirs all their lives and have now decided to do some solo singing, or those who've always wanted to be a singer and have been studying with leading singing teachers around Bristol.

The concert, on the afternoon of September 15th in the URC church in Henleaze, will feature wonderful music, familiar and unfamiliar, sung with great passion and conviction by singers young and old. 

Tickets for the concert will be on sale soon - make sure you get yours soon! More details on the website as we get them. 

Also in the autumn we'll be starting a series of masterclasses for adult and young person singers, with high profile and experienced coaches. If you'd like to take part, please let us know. 

We are the Women

We are very happy to announce that the first of our evening concerts this year will be We are the Women, a performance of Bristol composer Eric Wetherell's song cycle to celebrate Women's Suffrage and the end of the First World War. 

The lyrics are by Eric's wife Liz. 

The cycle will be performed by singers Pam Rudge and Hannah Coleman, with Christopher Northam on the piano. The programme will also include a selection of other songs. 

The concert will be on Saturday July 14th, in the evening, and details of tickets will be published soon. 

Hall on the Hill

If you missed it the first time round - either because you didn't get a ticket or because you had a ticket for the performance that was cancelled due to the snow - here's your chance to see it again!

Mark Lawrence's wonderful new opera, based on the history of Saint George's and written to celebrate the opening of its new extension, is being staged again on 21st May. 

The cast includes four choirs, an orchestra and two professional soloists - Martin Le Poidevin and Esther Mallett, who are both well known to Bristol Song Recital Series audiences. 

More details from the Saint George's website. Get your tickets soon - the premiere was so well received that a sell-out is a possibility!

As you may know, Bristol Song Recital Series survives on donations, as well as some sponsorship from some great sponsors! If you wish to donate, please use the button below. We'll give you a big shout out if you want!


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25 July 2018 Lunchtime Recital with Elizabeth Karani

Stunning soprano Elizabeth Karani, accompanied by Ella O'Neill, sing Richard Barnard's new song cycle "The Song Cycle I Am Going to Sing", which we hope may have a short introduction from lyricist/poet Ian McMillan. Plus Menotti (of Amal and the Night Visitors fame) and Bernstein.

1.10pm, Saint Stephen's Church
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