Classic Schubertiad

One of the important aspects of the work of the Bristol Song Recital Series is in education. We want to open up the singing of songs - simple or advanced; classical, theatre, pop and jazz; new and old - to anyone of all ages. 

So our work involves

  • working with young people on writing songs
  • working with adults to provide performance opportunities
  • working with young trained singers in masterclass situations

and much more. 

Writing songs

We can schools and colleges to work with students on conceiving, creating and new songs and works for the same pupils to perform. We tend to work with an adult composer and singer to help build the pieces, but can find a librettist/lyricist too.  

Performance opportunities - 'Schubertiads'

For adults, we can arrange evenings called 'Schubertiads' when we bring together a number of singers and a top-class accompanist in a comfortable, small environment. Each singer performs to the others. The atmosphere is constructive, and proves a great way to find out exactly where you are in your performing progress. The name 'Schubertiad' recalls events in which Schubert introduced his songs to a close circle of friends.


Masterclasses are a superb way to learn more about your singing. We arrange masterclasses with some of the best singing experts from Bristol and around the country, focussing on technique, performance and other details. 

For more information on all these possibilities, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Recitals coming up...

View more upcoming Song Recitals in the Bristol area by clicking here

Facebooklogo.jpg 20 Sep 2017 Lunchtime Recital

Martin Le Poidevin with a programme of Romantic songs from Brahms, Rubbra (his Three Psalms) and Herbert Howells, whose King David is reckoned as one of the greatest English songs. 

1.10pm, St Stephen's, Bristol
St_Stephens_Concerts_logo.jpeg 25 Sep 2017 Lunchtime Recital

Bass Robert Marson in our 'home' church of Saint Stephen's with a recital which includes songs by Elgar, Brahms and Tchaikovsky. Accompanied by Alexandra Kim

Saint Stephen's, 1.10pm
Facebooklogo.jpg 27 Sep 2017 Lunchtime Recital

Laura Curry ends our September series with a brilliant programme of opera arias and art songs by composers ranging from Mozart and Bellini to Copland. 

1.10pm, St Stephen's, Bristol

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